September 2017 - December 2017
The Theatre Centre Cafe - 1115 Queen Street West
RECEPTION: Monday September 25, 6pm-8pm


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City of Craft and The Theatre Centre are proud to co-present Side Streets, an ongoing series of hanging installations at The Theatre Centre Cafe.

The launch of our 2017/2018 season features an installation by illustrator and paper artist Christine Kim. In this piece, Christine considers the nature between public and private spaces; intricate and complex paper realizations of three architectural elements - the spiral staircase, the balcony, and the window - are in-between spaces brought indoors. Porous patterns create permeable boundaries, filtering light and projecting shadows from the exterior world.

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Artist photo by  Arounna Khounnoraj , for  Studio Visits .

Artist photo by Arounna Khounnoraj, for Studio Visits.







Christine Kim works in cut paper art to create layered collages, sculptures and installations. She is interested in permeable boundaries that take the shape of fences, lace, and patterned screens. Her work has been published in Paper Play, Paradise of Paper Art, and Alchemy: The Art and Craft of Illustration.


Curated by Kalpna Patel, this year's series - entitled Conceal/Reveal - examines culture and technology as it relates to contemporary craft practices. Each artist considers what traditional or aesthetic aspects of their culture they conceal or reveal in the name of assimilation or expressing themselves within the craft community or Canadian society in general. This also includes a conversation about  the technical processes and philosophies they have given up, maintained, or embrace in the production of their work. Side Streets speaks to this gap between cultural identity and the craft objects produced for public consumption, as well as the traditional and technological implications of making work and navigating the world of handmade craft in an urban environment.


city of craft and side streets are generously supported by the ontario arts council.